Photo Of The Day: @MyspaceTom

Crazy!! 😍 One thing I like about a shot like this - besides the lava - is that it clearly a singular moment in time. 🕰The water, wave, lava, rocks, fumes will never look like this again; it didn’t even look like this just a few seconds after this photo. Each shot is unique, and it’s amazing to see the literal formation of our Earth. 🌎 Makes ya think, now doesn’t it! 🤔Anyway, Love me some lava! 🔥I went into zen mode at 4am this morning and processed this lava shot from the Big Island, Hawaii. It was quite difficult, but fun to manage the light in this shot—adjusting, dodging and burning so its not too hot in any one area. Lava does not want to be photographed, I’ll tell ya! 📷The dynamic range on a shot like this — from the very bright spots areas to the darkest shadows — is very extreme, and not something the camera can handle easily. It took a bit of wrangling to get it to look like this, but I’m really satisfied with the results. 🤗 Half the fun of photography for me is turning on some music and sitting down with the computer to polish an image like this. Recently I’ve been talking with a friend who’s convinced me to put some of my photos in an art gallery, book and store… It’s just the beginning phases, and I haven’t done the work needed to prepare the photos, but I spent the time and attention on this image with that thought in mind. I’d like to see this one in print :) 📷🌅

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