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In the last week I have learned one of the most important lessons in my life this far. I learned that I had been so caught up in this digital age that I had forgotten the importance of setting your phone down for more than just dinner. Over the last 6 days I have been on the road with 3 of my closest friends. At the very start, we decided to put our phones down and just go. We drove down the The oregon coast and into California. We surfed, hiked, cooked, jumped, laughed, smiled and ate our way through over 1600 miles of pavement and gravel roads. We started as friends who had not spent time together in 3 years and some had never met each other before this trip but we ended as a family who know more about one another than most. We put our trust in The Lord that he would help us make connections and build trust with one another and that is exactly what happened. We met a complete stranger who was looking for a place to camp near Crater Lake and within 5 minutes we were having devotions on the cliff side and sharing life stories with him. He ended up camping with us for the next two nights and we gained a new friend who will last a lifetime. Life is as real as it gets and is ready to be lived but I have learned that the views seen from your own eyes and the conversations heard with your own ears are truly what matters in life. We need to start setting our phones down for just a little longer and start enjoying our lives...right here and right now. 📷: @brittphillippe

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