Photo Of The Day: @BlackWolfBlackPanther

🇨🇦HAPPY CANADA DAY🇨🇦... In advance. You may have seen this image circulating the webs. You may also be sick of it by now. As was I, until I got inspired to re-edit it, share a few facts and bust a few myths. Here they are: • This image was taken 10 days before Halloween. It has nothing to do with Canada Day but we represent!👻 • It was taken right in our yard, under our maple tree. Canadian AF, right?🇨🇦 • Kingsley regularly marks the tree...💦 • The leaves really do turn a vivid red. Swipe to see the tree, as well as, the unedited image and the original edit.🌳 • The leaf was not “photoshopped” and manipulated onto his forehead, contrary to popular belief.🍁 • Also contrary to popular belief, Kingsley lying there was not staged. He was rolling in the leaves seconds before this was taken. I did tell him to wait, and obviously, placed the leaf on his head for dramatic effect.🎭 • Yes, a dog can actually stay still for photos, believe it or not. It’s called “being a good boy.”🤓 • This image does not belong to or come from the Illuminati or any occult societies but I cannot guarantee that the dog isn’t Anubis.☠️ • This one’s self-explanatory: It’s protected by copyright laws. If you happen to repost and share, don’t forget to credit @blackwolfblackpanther. Thank you!🙏🏽 • Have a spellbound weekend, everybody!✨ •

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