The Top 17 Instagram Accounts to Inspire You to Get Out in Nature


Loki is owned by Kelly Lund (@shark_toof).  He’s a husky/wolf/malamute mix who’s seen more of the western US than most people.  He’s the perfect inspiration for people who roam with their pets.

This golden retriever from Colorado who lives for adventure who’s owners Hunter Lawrence (@hunterlawrence) and Sarah Lawrence (@sarah_michelle_lawrence) seem to take him everywhere.

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Don't worry about the next adventure, you're already on it. This is something I need to remind myself constantly. I fail miserably, and often. I’m anticipating the next thing or worried about making the wrong choices and ending up somewhere that’s not as good as if I’d made a different choice. Wouldn’t it be great to be Nick Cage in that movie Next? Remember that one? Where he can see every possible outcome of each of his choices, and just choose the best path? But we can’t all be Nick Cage. And if we all were Nick Cage, what a world that would be. A world of Nick Cages from the movie Next. All knowing what our outcome is gonna be for each decision. What I’m getting at is that we’re not capable of seeing the future, and knowing which path is “better”. In fact, there is no “better” path, or “best” choice. The choices we make are the ones we make. So we’re here now, listening to opportunities knock, and listening to the events that slow us down. We react, not to own the opportunities, but to let them guide us toward the next ones. And we react to our problems and troubles, not by stopping and laying defeated, but by shaping our world with safeguards and mechanisms to be better next time. And if we have the willpower, we can open source our mechanisms and opportunities to people around us, get the most out of our hard work, and make this life a little more breezy.

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The star of Andrew Knapp’s feed is his border collie Momo.  Andrew loves his dog so much that he creates books with the photos he takes on their adventures.

@elayna__c and @riley.whitelum

Elayna and Riley are a young Autralian couple sailing around the world on their yacht, La Vagabonde.  Their epic adventures have earned them a pretty huge YouTube following which has also landed them an amazing deal on a beautiful new Catamaran.

Marcel and Lindsay are a French Canadian couple who travel the sea with their dog and cat on board, proving that you can have pets and travel the world at the same time.  So far, they’ve made their way through the intercoastal waterway from Canada to the Caribbean, with plans to continue across the Pacific through the Panama canal.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are a jet-setting couple who get paid to travel and post on Instagram.  They enjoy a warm, tropical life in Bali when they’re not traveling the world.

Quin Schrock is a photographer and based out of California and Hawaii.  His captivating photos have earned him gigs with brands like GoPro, Sony and Land Rover.

Often the subject of Quin Schrock’s photography (@everchanginghorizon), Jess Dales is also a photographer in her own right.  Her photos convey more than just a place, they convey a feeling.


Brinkley Davies is a surfer and marine biologist who works with GoPro.  Apparently, she’s also friends with a wallaroo.


Breeze Turner is a real estate agent who loves paddle boarding Lake Tahoe with her golden retriever, Marley.


Abe Kislevtiz is a media creator at GoPro who lives in California.  He takes some great GoPro photos in addition to DSLR shots.


Allan Dixon is basically an animal whisperer, and his Instagram account is flooded with adorable animal selfies.  We feel like we should take this opportunity to warn you though, never invade a wild animal’s space for the sake of a photo.

Travis Burke is a photographer turned his grandmother’s old van into the ultimate adventure-mobile.  He travels through America’s most stunning landscapes and beyond.

Chelsea Yamase is a model and influencer who is often the subject of Travis Burke’s work (@travisburkephotography).

A well-known photographer in landscape and adventure photography, Chris Burkard’s claim to fame is shooting surfing in freezing cold locations.