Photography Gift Ideas For Photographers And Travelers

I’m always hunting for photography products to make my life easier, keeping what works and dropping what doesn’t. Here’s a list of my favorite products for the photographers and aspiring photographers out there.

Check out my favorite photography gifts below.


Camera straps are a great hands-free way to carry your camera without having to worry about keeping it in a bag. These straps are soft and extra comfortable.


For the camera in everyone’s pocket. Smartphone lenses take your phone photography to another level with macro, wide-angle and fish eye options. Olloclip makes some of the most popular iphone choices, but there’s plenty more to choose from.


Remember polaroid cameras? The Instax does the same thing, it prints your photos out for you one by one as you take them. They’re a lot of fun to make keepsakes of trips or time with friends and family. It’s great to have for tangible memories that don’t live on a screen.


For photographers with notes to keep track of, I love these waterproof, all-weather notebooks by Rite In The Rain. They served me well on biology excursions in college and they’re still the perfect way to protect your notes from water, dirt and mud.


This backup systems allows photographers to operate without a laptop, so they can edit and share photos with a simple app.


Helps you set up and steady your camera on ledges, rocks, logs, etc. without a tripod. Lightweight, padded and adjustable to keep your camera safe in a variety of situations.


You can never have too many lens cleaning options. This pen is great because the caps keep your cleaning surface clean and free of dust until it’s time to use.


For those unexpected showers when you’re out exploring, these rain covers pack up small and are easy to pull out quickly when you really need it.


When you don’t want to carry around a full size tripod, these are great for a smaller more portable option. The flexible legs make it easy to wrap around objects and tweak your camera position with small adjustments.


I always use a dry bag when I’m taking my camera out on a boat or kayak. They can store a camera or anything else you need to keep dry.


If you’re going to be away from a power source for a while, solar chargers like this one can help keep your camera batteries charged when out exploring.


Rubber lens hoods are great for taking photos up against glass and eliminating reflections. They work great for getting wildlife photos in zoos and aquariums, or photos in museums. Make sure you get the correct MM size for the lens you need to fit.