How To Get $647 Worth Of National Geographic Photography Courses For Almost Free

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I’m always trying to cram more information into my brain, which is how I ended up on National Geographic’s website looking for photography courses. I found what I was looking for but at a pretty steep price tag.

The five courses I wanted to take were $647 and they were on DVD’s, which isn’t the most convenient format when you spend all your time traveling with a laptop that has no DVD player.

Luckliy, Amazon never lets me down. I found the same DVD’s on their site for about half the price, but EVEN BETTER I found I could stream them through Amazon video for a $7.99 per month subscription to their Great Courses channel.

The first course I took, Fundamentals Of Photography, is taught by Joel Sartore, a successful National Geographic photographer and the Founder behind the Photo Ark, a 25-year project to preserve rare and endangered species through photographs and inspire action to protect them. Here’s a list of all the courses on my watchlist:

  • Guide to Landscape and Wildlife Photography

  • The Art of Travel Photography

  • Masters of Photography

  • Fundamentals of Photography

  • Fundamentals of Photography II

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