Adventure Inspired Gifts Ideas For Explorers


I’m always hunting for photography products to make my life easier, keeping what works and dropping what doesn’t. Here’s a list of my favorite products for the photographers and aspiring photographers out there.

Check out my favorite photography gifts below.


I love camping but even some campgrounds don’t have shower facilities. I can’t go too long without a shower on longer trips, so these showers are great when you don’t have another option.


This wifi booster was a life-saver on my last road trip. I spent all of my time in parks with practically NO wifi. By using this, I could do from the smallest signal to a full signal and work remotely on my laptop without any issues. I used it every day to get work done online, and I would have been in trouble without it.


I can’t say enough about a good travel hammock like this one. They’re light and easy to pack. You can also hook them onto the outside of a pack so it doesn’t take up any space inside. They’re perfect for relaxing outdoors or some people even use them in place of a tent for camping.


I’m not a big fan of hunting down laudromats if I’m traveling without access to a washing machine. It takes up time and you have to figure out how to get there, plus I hate waiting around to switch or retrieve my laundry. My strategy is to use on site laundry facilities when they’re available, or just handwashing in a sink. This kit makes handwashing a little easier.


A microfiber towel is a must have because they pack small and dry quickly. There is nothing worse than a wet towel smelling up your luggage, and they take forever to dry. I use towels like this for both the bathroom and the beach.


Headlamps are a perfect way to find your way around at night and keep your hands free. I recommend a light with a red setting like this one because it’s less disruptive to wildlife. If you want to watch seaturtles on a moonlit beach, you need a red light.


I love my coffee, but I hate having to brew it on the road. I’ve found cold brew to be a good solution, but this mug is also a great easier way to brew hot coffee on the go.


If you’re going to be hiking long distances or if you just want to be prepared for emergencies, you need a way to purify your water. If you can’t carry all the clean water you need for your trip, you can filter water as you go with a purifier like this one.


Solar lights are handy because you don’t need access to electricity to charge them. I like the inflatable ones because they pack up flat when you don’t need them.


Staying in shape when traveling is always a challenge, and I think resistance bands are one of the easiest ways to work out your muscles without using large gear. I like the medium resistance bands the best.


I’ve tried yoga without a mat and it’s a little challenging on hard surfaces because you slide or the floor presses into your spine. Yoga mats are great except they usually roll into large cylinders and are not easy to back. This yoga mat folds up like a towel to save space and solves all of those problems.


When it’s time to kick back or socialize with a group, I always pull out my speaker. It’s definitely come in handy for spontaneous beer pong games. They’re also great for a group movie night around a laptop. These speakers are waterproof too, so they’re rugged enough for adventure.