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Writer, Traveler, Photographer.

I believe in chasing stories worth capturing. There’s a big beautiful world out there. We shouldn’t be stuck inside missing it.



Google trusted photographer, FAA authorized drone operator, marketing expert, social media influencer, animal behavior professional, free spirit and digital nomad from Baltimore, Maryland.

I have always been a lover of art, nature and animals. After working with animals for 12 years since the age of fourteen, I decided to follow my creative side into the world of photography. I started out as a real estate photographer which evolved into my own business as a Google Trusted Photographer, creating 360 street view tours of local hotels, busineses and tourist attractions. That job lead me to my first solo trip in Hawaii and then on to Puerto Rico which only grew my desire to travel and explore beautiful landscapes. My adventures have also taken me 14,000 miles across the US camping out of a van. I now work in freelance marketing so I can travel full time while chasing the photos on my bucket list. For me, this website is all about the journey to grow and share that passion for art and earth. 


Photos featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washingtonian and a nationally aired commercial 



BS Animal Behavior

Google Trusted Photographer

Expedia Virtual Tour Photographer

FAA Authorized Drone Operator

Matador Network #travelstoke Ambassador

International Travel Writer’s Alliance Member

6 Years Experience in Commercial Photography

12 Years Experience in Animal Care

Volunteer with Marine Education, Research & Rehabilitation Institute

Volunteer with Thinking Animals United

US Sailing Windsurfing & Sailing Course

Department of Natural Resources Boater Certification

Leave No Trace Awareness Course 





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How Can I Become A Photographer?

Just start shooting. Take whatever camera you have- any kind of camera and start taking photos. Learn as you go and learn how to teach yourself. Read books, take classes. Creative Live even streams photography classes live for free. If you don’t know how to do something, look it up. Google it, search for it on YouTube. There is no magic pill you can take to become a photographer. Pick up a camera, go experiment, learn from yourself. And don’t worry about being better than everyone else. Focus on being different.

How Did You Get Started?

Not long ago I was a real estate photographer working 12-16 hour days. It was my first paid photography job and while I learned a lot, it really wasn’t a good work-life balance and my creativity was completely drained. I knew I wanted to make a living that allowed me to travel but I wasn’t sure how to start, so I started reading The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and The Suitcase Entrepreneur by Natalie Sisson. Those books made me see that I could design a careeer that allowed me to do what I loved. I am still working to achieve my goals, but Natalie Sisson’s Freedom Plan course gave me the resources I needed to quit my job and start working for myself. I saved up as much money as I could, quit my job and got busy building a portfolio and a client base. I also went on my first solo trip to Hawaii and spent 1 month in Puerto Rico.

What Gear Do You Use?

Check out my blog post on all of my gear here:

What Is Your Background?

I always loved spending time outside. I was also always an artistic kid growing up and I did a lot of painting. I first got into photography when we had to study a photographer for school, and I chose Ansel Adams. But my love of nature also went hand-in-hand with my love of animals, so my first job was at a dog kennel. I worked with animals for 12 years and graduated college with a degree in animal behavior before finding my way back to photography. Now I prefer to combine everything I love most through landscape, travel and adventure photography.

How are you able to make a living while you travel?

I won’t give away all my secrets, but before I started traveling, I cut out as many expenses as I could. I eliminated bills and sold everything of value that I didn’t need. I was also very lucky to have family I could stay with while I worked on selling my home. I pay for all of my expenses with a credit card so that I can earn points towards travel, and I signed up for new credit cards with extra air mileage bonuses. All of that work bought me time to build my business up while I traveled.

What advice do you have for people who want to become photographers?

Don’t wait for permission. There are a lot of great ways to get experience in photography, and if you can’t do it or don’t want to do it through a formal education, that’s ok. Look for internships or just start teaching yourself. Take online classes, watch YouTube videos. Just learn as much as you can and get out shooting. Over time, your photos will speak for themselves.

What advice do you have for people who want to travel?

You will never feel 100% ready. Do your best to prepare, but give yourself a deadline and stick to it. The to-do list will never be done. Go anyway. Life is short and there’s a big beautiful world to see.

Do you license or sell your photographs?

You can purchase prints on my website or if you’re interested in licensing imagery, contact me.



Very creative and knows her business well.

Chris Kiritsis
Hub Media Inc.

Her creativity and artistic skills have aided in many promotional projects. She is a team player who willingly helps where ever and whenever needed.

Heather Simone
West Friendship Animal Hospital

Jennifer Dobson is a delight to work with, and gives us creative, well-thought out ideas to increase our presence on social media.

Bonnie Wyper
Thinking Animals United

They look so fantastic!!! I have never seen this before. Love it!!

Jodie Gil
Patrick's Hair Salon

Jennifer has exceptional marketing skills with a broad of ad campaigns.

Casey Conner
Ice Lab

It turned out great! I’m excited to get it out there. Thank you again for all your hard work.

Trent Harrison
Hourglass Studios

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